Divorce Attorney in Erie, PA

While we all like to think that life is a fairy tale that always ends with a happily ever after, unfortunately, the reality is that sometimes marriages fail. Divorce attorney Tina Fryling appreciates the uniqueness of your situation and works to guide you carefully through the divorce process.

Divorce Attorney in Erie, PAAs a divorce attorney invested in protecting your best interests, as well as those of every member of your family, Tina will navigate your family law matters by:

  • Listening carefully to you.
  • Working for a successful resolution for you and your family members.
  • Strategizing to plan the best approach to achieving your divorce objectives.
  • Advocating for you, working to settle disputes out of court whenever possible, but also remaining committed to the case even in litigation. She is passionate about protecting clients' rights and has a record of success.

Each client meets directly with Tina at each stage of their divorce case. Divorce attorney Tina Fryling also practices other areas of family law matters including child custody and child support.

Contact divorce attorney Tina Fryling in Erie, PA to schedule a free consultation appointment and discover what divorce options you have to resolve your family law issues.

My spouse just served me with divorce papers. What should I do?
What is a marital settlement agreement in a divorce?
Will I have to go to court at any time during my divorce?
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Her name is always the first to come to mind whenever someone asks me about a “good lawyer".
Erie, PA

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