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Tina Fryling: Attorney at Law in Erie, Pennsylvania

Attorney Tina Fryling promises to provide you with the easiest, most affordable, and most personalized legal service possible. She is a licensed Pennsylvania bankruptcy attorney who specializes in helping clients with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy needs. She has protected hundreds of people from losing their homes, cars, and personal property while putting an end to creditor harassment.

Why work with Attorney Tina Fryling?

  • Deep roots in the Erie community and over 20 years of experience in the Erie legal community.
  • Personalized, compassionate attention throughout the legal process.
  • Her practice puts a human face on tough challenges, helping clients find the most effective solutions to resolving life's difficulties.

Attorney Tina Fryling Law Office in Erie, PA


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Her name is always the first to come to mind whenever someone asks me about a “good lawyer".
Erie, PA

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I have stuff to drop off and you aren’t there! What do I do?

Although we prefer to arrange a time that we can be there to accept your paperwork or payments, we do also have a mail slot and a locked mailbox where clients may drop things off. The mail box is on the outside of the building and has Tina’s name on it. The mail slot is in the wall next to our Suite door and goes into a basket in the reception area. If you are dropping off a check or money order payment, please put it in a sealed envelope and clearly identify the client’s name on the envelope so we can credit the appropriate account. DO NOT LEAVE CASH PAYMENTS in the mail slot or mailbox. Please arrange to make cash payments when someone is in the office. You can email to set a convenient time to make a payment. Paperwork should also be in an envelope or folder, to ensure that it does not get mixed up with another client’s information.

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