DUI Defense Attorney in Erie, Pennsylvania

DUI or Driving Under the Influence is one of the single most charged crimes in the state of Pennsylvania. DUI defense attorney, Tina Fryling, can help protect your rights in court against a DUI charge in Erie, PA.

Questions to Ask Yourself if Charged with a DUI

DUI Defense Attorney in Erie, PA - Tina Fryling

  • Have you been improperly stopped for suspected DUI?
  • Have you been forced to submit to questioning at a DUI checkpoint without your permission?
  • Have you submitted to chemical testing?
  • Have you lost your job and license as a result of a DUI?

Attorney Tina Fryling has been practicing law in Erie since 1995 and has deep roots in the Erie legal community. She understands the local system and knows the judges, police officers, and other officials well and can often anticipate what might arise in a trial.

She has also authored a Constitutional Law textbook titled Constitutional Law in Criminal Justice that is being used by universities across the country. Contact Attorney Tina Fryling today to schedule a one-on-one DUI consultation in Erie, PA.

DUI Defense FAQs

What is the minimum Blood Alcohol Content for a DUI offense?
What is the typical sentence for a DUI?
Is there a penalty if you refuse to take a chemical test in PA?
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Attorney Fryling has taken very good care of our needs at very reasonable rates. We have not had to use her for bankruptcy as she is very affordable.
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